Your Personal Investment Counselor

In an increasingly impersonal world, we pride ourselves on retaining the spirit of investment counselors of the past. At Bourgeon we collaborate with our clients — we listen, we ask questions and we value their input. We consider a client’s entire financial picture to determine how we can play the most effective role, and offer guidance on total wealth, not solely those assets managed by Bourgeon.

Every client relationship begins with a frank conversation. We do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” approach. Rather, we explore what clients wish to accomplish, their financial situations and tolerance for risk, and their expectations and outlook for the future. With this information in hand, we tailor each client portfolio to suit long-term goals, appetite for risk, liquidity, income needs and tax concerns. While some choose, after our initial consultation, to leave investment to the discretion of Bourgeon, others remain highly engaged.

Our commitment to client service, accessibility and transparency sets us apart from our peers, many of whom don’t consider clients an integral part of the investment process. At Bourgeon, every client receives

  • The absolute attention of our partners and investment managers.
  • A meaningful flow of information and insights on relevant financial issues.
  • An invitation to contact us directly with any personal financial issues or questions, as well as to share their own expertise and ideas.
  • Advice and guidance on their total wealth, including investments that are managed outside our firm.
  • Quarterly investment reports with portfolio performance results and candid market commentary on current economic and geopolitical events.
  • Portfolio reviews scheduled at their convenience, and as frequently as they wish.

We wish to be considered an extension of your family, and find that most clients prefer it so. Clients often help the firm grow and prosper by providing market insights, friendly advice and access to valuable industry contacts. Importantly, they have the confidence to rely on us for multiple generations and to suggest referrals of potential clients. Without this collaboration, we would not have attained our present level of success.